Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burnt Cheesecake? Why is it BURNT?
Burnt Cheesecake is the opposite of your 'normal' cheesecake. It originates in northern Spain. The baking process is what makes this cheesecake unique and so delicious. We bake it at a very high temperature for a short amount of time. This enables us to get the caramelized exterior and keep a creamy custard interior...YUUM!
What does it taste like?
Just pick your flavor and enjoy a creamy custard inside contrasted with the caramelized exterior.
How big is the Burnt Cheesecake?
Our Burnt Cheesecake is 7.5 inches, which can feed about 6 to 8 people.
How do I store it?
We recommend storing your Burnt Cheesecake in the fridge (NO FREEZER) for up to 4 days.
I don't live in Miami. Why can't I place an order?
We only deliver within a 15 mile radius of Downtown Miami. Stay tuned for future expansion.